VENTURA Mic Pre/EQ/D.I. - Ultra-transparent preamplifier, three-band EQ that oozes mojo, and an instrument DI designed with bass and guitar pickups in mind

HM2 Nail Tube Compressor/Limiter - Solid state/tube hybrid design combines high performance with rich sound





A-Designs 500 Series Modules and HR-500 Powered Rack - The A-Designs Audio 500 preamp modules take the guesswork out of matching the proper preamp to particular recording applications.

REDDI All-Tube Direct Box - The secret of a great mix is getting the bass right—full and round

ATTY Stereo Attenuator - Don’t you wish you could put an output gain control on the hot preamp that keeps overloading your converters

HM2EQ HAMMER Tube Equalizer - World-class, three-band, dual-mono tube/hybrid equalizer suitable for very high-end applications

PACIFICA Microphone Preamplifier/D.I. - Inspired by the fabled Quad Eight Pacifica console, whose legend is passed down from pro audio veteran to apprentice engineer

MP-2A MICROPHONE PREAMPLIFIER - A true tube-in/tube-out stereo preamp with unique tone switches and audiophile-quality sound


EM-EQ2 Pultec-Style Equalizer - EM-PEQ 500-series Pultec-style EQ in a 2-channel, 2U rackmountable version

500 HR Rack - Frame for A Designs 500 Series Mic Pres, with Internal Power Supply, LED, and XLR I/O

ATTY2’D Passive Line-Level Control 5.1 - is a very high-quality, six-channel, 100% passive line-level controller that introduces no negative affect on sound quality whatsoever.

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