USA Headquarters Laguna Beach, California
Our company specializes in large-scale pro audio facilities, equipped by an internationally orchestrated team. With headquarters located in Laguna Beach California, this location is responsible for managing relations with our manufacturers, as well as housing a staff of experts, that distribute equipment into Latin America. We also have branch offices and reps in Mexico, Chile and Argentina, covering the continent from north to south. This method has proven extremely effective in delivering systems to anywhere in the Hispanic Americas, many times with deliveries taking only 48 hours, from our California warehouse. Audio Gate International provides a luxurious experience to our customers, from planning and consulting to selling and importing equipment. Now proud to distribute more than 40 brands exclusive to us, we have become the number one choice in Latin America for the realization of your dream studio!
- Expert Consulting - Pre Construction Assessment.
- Acoustic/Architectural Design through one of AGI’s partners.
- Project Management
- New Equipment Sales
- Vintage Equipment Restoration, Certification and Sales
- Wiring & Systems Integration
- Exporting/Importing
- Installation
- Technical/Repair Services
- Post/Sales Support and Training International Locations

USA Headquarters:

San Juan Capistrano, California

 (310) 591 5544     (888) 572 5825

Oficinas Internacionales:

Mexico: (55) 5336 5522    Argentina: (54) 1159 843960

              (55) 5350 8559

Chile: (56) 22 93 82432  Puerto Rico: (781) 753 0133

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