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The performance of maestro Lanzbom (guitarist and New York-based producer), demands constant refinement, precision, and excitement. When he contacted us, “C” asked us to get him the very best microphones possible to record his guitars. We put together a very nice combination of ribbon mics and high-end pres to complement his music. The unique design and amazing sound is now part of his staple signature on every record!

Cosmos is, as its name suggests, a small musical universe. The building includes rooms composition, pre-production rooms, and of course the impressive study A, child prodigy of legendary producer Armando Avila which includes teams from the most ancient and esoteric to the most current technology. With an impressive annual equipment budget, the Avila family hires only the best of the industry to meet their needs. Gate Audio is honored to partner with this great study.

Rarely we get the opportunity to meet clients, willing to experiment with “esoteric brands.” ArtCo was one of the first big budget studios that allowed AGI to build from scratch, what we consider one of the most impressive equipment lists available in Mexico. The confidence entrusted in us resulted in an effective arsenal of hybrid technologies, ranging from mid century vintage to avant-garde digital tools.

Mexican band, Cafe Tacuba is considered one of the best rock groups in Latin America, being chosen as the second best Latin band in history, behind Soda Stereo. With 11 albums, multiple nominations and awards among which are 5 Latin Grammys. After years of dealing with USA-based dealers, they are now part of the Audio Gate International elite clientelle.

Luis Javier Diaz is known as the "Midas" of Norteño. Apparently each production he touches, tops the radio charts. Luis is not only is an excellent award winning producer and mixer, but also a great person and friend of Audio Gate International. Montenegro is his creative space and one the we have gradually developed, to become one of the top studios in Querétaro.

Rubin began his solo career in 1993 with the album "La casa del amor" , which spawned the hit single "Cuando mueres por alguien". With this album earned gold record for selling over 150,000 copies approximately.

Later, in the year 1995, he recorded the album "Sueño de fantasía" and two years later released "Frecuencia Continental" .

In June 2012 it was announced that Erik Rubin, along with his former co-Timbiriche, Sasha Sokol and Benny Ibarra are invited by Sony Music Group, to produce a record in the format "Primera Fila"

After five weeks, we close to an unprecedented event: Audio Gate presented an ear training course for more than 200 technicians and executives of the biggest television company in Mexico. In the fourth ATC system used English 5.1 monitors. For many professional monitors considered the world's finest! The hall was brilliantly Worksolutions conditioned by the Acoustics Group, THX representatives in Latin America. The system re-installations located in Coyoacán Audio Gate in a demo room that ignaugurará the first quarter of 2013.

The Cultural Center is a complex that challenges the limits of the imagination and engineering design. The Society of Authors and Composers, along with some of the brightest minds in music and audio, they created what is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular acoustic enclosures in Mexico. The room is large enough to present shows with symphony orchestra. It was a logical step to add an incredible recording studio, worthy of competing with the world's finest studios.

Mana origins date back to a band called Sombrero Verde, whose members José Fernando (Fher) Olvera, voice, Gustavo Orozco, the electric guitar; and the Calleros brothers: Juan Diego, on bass, Ulysses, on electric guitar and Abraham, on drums came from Guadalajara. In 1975 they decided to get together to play different songs from groups they admired, including The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, The Police, among others.

C Lanzbom,

Grammy award winner

Cafe Tacuba,


Cosmos Producciones

ArtCo Recording Studios

Erik Rubín


Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral




With 25 year career, Los Cafres were located as one of the Spanish Reggae bands of greater international influence. The recognizable stamp keyboardist Andrew Albornoz, together with the legendary voice of Guillermo Bonetto, require a continuous supply of equipment "boutique" audio, to perfect their sound.

Bonetto comenta:

(A Jesús Cardoso) "Es esto costumer service or what????!!!! jajajaja!!!! De más está decirte lo agradecido que estoy, confirmo mi elección y satisfacción de haberte comprado a vos.

- Guille"

Los Cafres

Julieta Venegas Percevault (born November 24, 1970 in Long Beach, California),[1] known professionally as Julieta Venegas, is an American-born Mexican singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer, who sings pop-rock in Spanish. Venegas grew up in Tijuana and began studying music at age eight. She went on to join several bands including Mexican ska band Tijuana No!. She plays several instruments including acoustic guitar, accordion, and keyboard. She has won five Latin Grammys and one Grammy Award among other awards. She has composed music for theater and performed in soundtracks for two movies.

Julieta Venegas



Luis Javier Díaz


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