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Dual Mono 3-band Tube EQ

World-class, three-band, dual-mono tube/hybrid equalizer

Designed to sound highly musical for larger EQ functions typically found on expensive mastering

Smooth, super-fidelity EQ, suitable for very high-end applications


One of A-Designs most lauded sound sculpting creations is the HM2EQ "Hammer", a dual-mono, three-band equalizer that's most at home on the main mix outputs, but is also an outstanding tool for tracking. It's one of a very select few audio tools that enhances sound simply by running signal through it, thanks in part to an ingenious filtering system that passes musical 2nd order tube harmonics while eliminating unwanted noise - just the heating blanket your DAW needs for those cold winter nights.  It's also ideal for adding "air" to vocals, carefully crafted punch to instruments or just the right texture to an overall mix; plus, a major benefit of its innovative design is the ability to bring the Hammer down as hard as you like - it's nearly impossible to make it sound bad

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•World-class, three-band, dual-mono tube/hybrid equalizer.

•Designed to sound highly musical for larger EQ functions typically found on expensive mastering.

•Smooth, super-fidelity EQ, suitable for very high-end applications.

•Beautiful-sounding broad EQ-shaping across several octaves with no adverse effect on tone. •Clean and airy high end.

•Warmth, transparency, and quality sound.

•Continuously variable boost and cut controls.

•Fixed frequency settings with highly musical overlapping bands and floating “Q”.

•Low-cut and high-cut filters and bypass.

•Transformer-less 12AT output tubes.

•Custom-milled aluminum knobs and faceplate with EQ in/out, low-cut, and high-cut toggle switches.

•Heavy-duty Carling power toggle switch.



•Frequency Response: -3dB points @ 5Hz and 40kHz

•Noise Floor -94dbm with 30kHz bandwidth

•Low boost: +12dB; cut: -12dB

•Mid boost: +12dB; cut: -12dB

•High boost: +12dB; cut: -12dB

•Low-frequency switch: 30Hz/50Hz/100Hz/200Hz/300Hz/400Hz

•Mid-frequency switch: 250Hz/500Hz/1.2kHz/1.6kHz/2kHz

•High-frequency switch 2.5kHz/3.5kHz/5kHz/7.5kHz/10kHz/15kHz

•Low-cut filter: 84Hz

•High-cut filter: 8kHz

•Bandwidth (Q): Floating •Distortion +4dBm

•Power Requirements: 120/230 VAC – 42W

•Dimensions (W x H x D) 19” x 3-1/2” x 10”

•Weight 10 lb. (Shipping weight 12 lb.)


USA Headquarters:

San Juan Capistrano, California

 (310) 591 5544     (888) 572 5825


Oficinas Internacionales:

Mexico: (55) 5336 5522    Argentina: (54) 1159 843960

              (55) 5350 8559

Chile: (56) 22 93 82432  Puerto Rico: (781) 753 0133


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