German Din 30 (Vintage Neumann Style Lamination Size)


Direct replacement for U47/48, NOS lamination,

historically correct, 50/200 Ohm output resistance


General replacement for U47, four mounting holes

BV 11

Direct replacement for M49/50, NOS lamination,

 historically correct, 50/200 Ohm output resistance

Transformer Of Various Lamination Sizes

T 14

Hiller style transformer, replacement for C12, C24,

C28, ElaM 250 and ElaM 251

T 47

Similar to BV8, same ratio, PCB mounted

T 8

T14 sized, with BV8 ratio, higher nickel content

(for smaller diameter mics)

T 49

Similar to BV11, same ratio, can be used instead of

T14, PCB mounted

T 58

General replacement for SM57, SM58, and other dynamic microphones

TR 42

General replacement for ribbon microphones

UM 351

General replacement for CV563, UM57, UM75, UM92

 and UM92.1

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