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TG2 - 500

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There's history behind this amazing-sounding pre

You get warmth and punch - plus an open, airy high end

Put this in your rack and brace yourself for some serious ton

Serie 500  Mic/Line Preamp/DI

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TG2-500 500 Series mic/line preamp module is a spot-on re-creation of the rare EMI TG12428, found in the recording and mastering consoles of EMI (and later Abbey Road) studios in the late '60s and early '70s. The TG2-500 is built using the original TG12428 schematics. Put the sound of the preamp used in such iconic recordings as The Beatles' Abbey Road and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon in your 500 Series rack.

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Topology based closely on the original EMI TG12428 at EMI/Abbey Road studio

Discrete transformer-balanced amplifiers produce a warm tone with clear highs and rich lows

Input gain ranges from +5dB to +75dB, in 15 steps

48V phantom power, phase reverse, and an impedance switch

Impedance switch toggles between 300 ohms and 1200 ohms, to match any mic

Channel output gain control lets you run the input gain hot for extra color

Requires compatible 500 Series chassis

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San Juan Capistrano, California

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