XP SERIES - The XP Series provides users with the best audio performance / feature set / value ratio of any DSP available on the market. XD SERIES - The XD Series with FIR filters and digital I/O is our most complete fixed architecture DSP for the live sound and performance audio markets.
XA SERIES - The XA Series is derived from our XP Series.
NEUTRINO SERIES - Neutrino is an open architecture-drag & drop configured digital processor series. UNO SERIES - Uno is a hybrid architecture-app configured digital processor series.
RIO SERIES - The Rio Series of Dante enabled I/O interface devices were designed to provide additional flexibility for our Dante enabled Neutrino-N and Uno-N processor models but can also be used as standalone interface devices with other Dante enabled product brands.
X CONTROL - Control our XD and XP Series DSP (but not XA) with our Touch 7 touch control running our XTouch software; with your own Android device using our free XTouch software; or from our XPanel model programmable wall control.
NEU PANEL SERIES - Control Neutrino and Uno processors with our NeuPanel Series – Mini and Touch 7 MkII programmable, networked, wall mount controls. CENTRO SERIES - The Centro SM1 is a systems site manager.
SOLARO CONSOLE SolaroConsole – Universal Software.

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