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With dozens of Ocean Way RM1 mics now in use for symphonic recording and vocals, the Ocean Way Audio RM1-B is a reimagined, no-compromise bi-directional ribbon mic with unprecedented low noise and true high-fidelity tone. A variety of refinements make it easier to use and sonically prettier, especially in the upper octave.


  • Greatest magnetic force ever available in a ribbon mic
  • High intensity NeO-powered magnet super-circuit delivers 6 dB more level
  • Super-audiophile 1st stage preamp with all discrete circuit
  • Output level comparable to quietest condenser mics
  • Completely natural unaffected sound with full bandwidth in both directions
  • Ultra-low noise phantom-powered pre-amplification with out level of 36 dB, 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Redesigned outer perimeter "clad" in archival stainless steel
  • New knurled cylinder knobs provide superior hand-torque
  • Laser-etched jet-black lettering against stainless steel
  • Packaged in waterproof, airtight "Pelican" case for safe transport and storage



  • Output: 36bB, 20-20,000Hz
  • Materials and Finishes used in the RM1:
      1. Neodymium permanent magnets (plated and pure-icon conductor-elements whit electro-less nickel-plating.
      2. Aluminum case and all external hardware: Alloy aluminum, “hard-anodized”.
      3. All stainless steel fasteners, rod-end bearing, and inner pop/debris filter frame.
      4. Miscellaneous: Brass. silicon rubber, nylon nylon/spandex fabric, “nautical-grade” elastomeric suspension elements.
      5. Consumable: Grilles, pop filter with integral stainless steel frame, suspension elements, ribbon diaphragm.
        • Warranty: 5 years on all parts and manufacturing. Ribbon warranty 90 days from purchase. RM1 is fully repairable and rebuildable.
        • Dimensions: 6”H x 3”W x 2”d.
        • Weight 7.5LB (3.4kg)
        • Integral cable preamplifier: LR Baggs Preamp requires standard 48v phantom power via XLR connector, draws about 8ma (4ma per side).
        • Integral cable assembly: 24’ (0.6m) Gotham GAC3 cable, integral compression strain relief and gold-plated Neurtrik cable-mount XLRM.
        • Accessories: ISO1 subsonic-tuned isolation boom-mount (optional), yoke-mount (standard). All with standard 5/8’-27 female mic-stand thread. A Pelican 1300 or an SKB 3i-0907-6b-l 6 case hold and protects the mic for transport.
        • Use Note: 12”-18” a good working distance for normal vocal (closer give proximity bass-boost). Excellent for just about any instrument, except near-field kick drum and near-field bass guitar speaker pickup (LF will harm the ribbon).
        • Origin: Proudly hand-made in the United States of America.

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